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About us

UK Sailmakers, a New York company built by Charles Ulmer in 1946 as Ullmer Sails, is since serving the sailors worldwide as one of the most established groups of sail makers with more than 50 lofts and service centers spread round the world.

UK Sailmakers International Partner UK Sailmakers Turkiye started production in Istanbul in 2001. In order to keep up with growing demand and confidence towards the brand the production has been relocated to Marmaris and continued serving with its 3.250 m2 covered area, 950 m2 loft table and machinary modernized accordingly with developing technology.

The customer satisfaction achieved on cruiser and racer sailors is feeding our motivation and strength in our search for perfection. Our production, sales and service teams composed by experienced marines and sailors are working consistently together in order to produce the best suitable and effective solutions for your needs.

Our sail designs, on the same page with sea and wind, is coming to life with union of high technology, expertize and high quality materials to dress from one design boats to mega yachts
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