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Cruising Sails

We design and manufacture our Travel Sails with years of experience and knowledge.

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Racing Sails

UK Sailmakers produce a wide range of products from One design racing sails to Grand Prix and Club Race racing sails with the latest technology and offer them to racing sailors.

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Maxi-Mega Yacht Sails

UK Sailmakers Turkey is the group's leading production point in the design and production of Maxi and Mega yacht sails. Innovative projects created by our designers are challenging the harsh conditions of the high seas with their durability and performance.


UK Sailmakers Turkey manufactures high quality Multihull sails in different classes, from popular racing boats to Maxi Travel Catamarans, with its expertise and knowledge gained over many years in the Multihull World.


UK Sailmakers builds storm sails to the requirements of the Offshore Racing Council. The ORC requires racers to carry three storm sails: a storm trysail, storm jib and heavy weather jib. The storm trysail and storm jib must be made out of strong dacron.

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