15% discount for new sails (31.05.2014-15.06.2014) 

Terms of Promotion


1- "Jeanneau pre Summer Promotion" is organized by Top Leisure and UK Sailmakers Türkiye - MSS Yelken İmalat Ltd.Şti.

2- Promotion is processed under UK Sailmakers Türkiye web page; offer begins at 31.05.2014 and expires at 15.06.2014 (19:00 PM)

3- During this promotion period, users would be able to create a promotion discount code by clicking "pre Summer Promotion" banner on UK Sailmakers web page.

4- Using these promotion codes, users will receive a discount on "New Sail Purchase" quotations proposed by UK Sailmakers Türkiye sellers.

5- Users will receive %15 discount on all sail models and types when this code is used.

6- Users can use the discount by validating the code to UK Sailmakers officials.

7- The discount can not be integrated with other promotions.

8- After completing the form under "pre Summer Promotion" banner, users will receive a confirmation e-mail including the discount code. The discount will be valid for 15 days after a quotation is proposed by UK Sailmakers seller.

9- Applicants; who do not give all the required information stated on the form, will not receive the privilege of a discount.

10- Applicants are required to show the discount code to UK Sailmakers Türkiye officials. Those who do not bring the discount code at their purchase, cannot benefit from it's privileges.

11- Promotion discount is only available for JEANNEAU  brand yachts.

12- Multiple discount codes cannot be applied on a single yacht sail.

13- UK Sailmakers Türkiye reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time, without any advance notice. UK Sailmakers Türkiye also reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, including the right to renew or extend the promotion at a new period. UK Sailmakers Türkiye cannot be held accountable for any changes it makes on these terms and conditions.

14- This promotion is considered outside the jurisdiction of Milli Piyango.

15- The individual agrees and acknowledges these terms and conditions at the process of form application.